Thyroid Support Supplement Boost Metabolism for Weight Loss and Energy, Improve Focus, Vegan Friendly. High Potency Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs for underactive Thyroid. Best Thyroid Support Complex

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Product Description

Not functioning as well as you once did?

Reduced Thyroid Output can cause Low Energy, Loss of Focus and Weight Gain

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is the term frequently used to describe an under performing Thyroid.

Our comprehensive formula helps support healthy thyroid cell metabolism and thyroid hormone function. It supports clarity, concentration and focus. This supplement is optimized for complete absorption, and is made in the USA so you can be sure of it’s safety and purity.

Green Hills Health Means Quality

We use only the highest quality ingredients, in bio-available forms. No fillers, no artificial flavors or colours, and no preservatives.

With No GLUTEN, and No ANIMAL products our Thyroid Support is suitable for those choosing a Vegan or Vegetarian Life style.

For a full list of Ingredients please refer to our Label

Why we use these Key Ingredients

Kelp is our preferred form of iodine. Research shows it’s more effective because it’s a natural food source and contains other beneficial minerals. We use Pure Organic Kelp from Iceland

Selenium Is a necessary co-factor in the production of thyroxine (T4). It also converts T4 to the more active form T3

Zinc Picolinate is one of the most bio-available forms of Zinc. Required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Copper Because Zinc lowers Copper reserves, supplemental copper is recommended. Important in the metabolism of amino acid Tyrosine

Molybdenum is important in T3 release from the thyroid gland

Magnesium glycinate is one of the most bio-available and absorbable forms of magnesium.

Manganese Is required to transport the hormone thyroxine into your cells


Weight Loss or Management

Our formula gives your Metabolism a boost, which can help your body to shed weight as you go about your day.

Healthy Weight Loss comes from a Metabolic Boost

To do this without side effects:


L-Tyrosine Two of the common side effects of this ingredient are headaches and nausea. It may raise Thyroid hormone production, but the dosage you would need to achieve this can cause these side effects

Magnesium oxide is the most common form of magnesium, and is found in cheaper formulas. We avoid it, as it has a poor absorption rate compared to our Magnesium Glycinate, and that will reduce your results.


Focus and Concentration

Our recommended Dosage is 3 Capsules daily, taken in the morning with food.

These 90, size “00” Capsules are small, easy to swallow and provide a 30 day Supply. They were chosen so that we could deliver all the nutrients you need, rather than reducing the dosage of some to fit into 1 or 2 larger Capsules.

Taken daily, as directed, you can avoid the Brain Fade that often happens in the afternoon

Get your Focus back.

Boost your Energy

Our Formula (like exercise), naturally enhances energy levels, by providing the nutrients your Thyroid needs for maximum performance.

By assisting your sleep patterns, and helping to deliver Thyroid Hormones into your cells, our Thyroid Support helps the body to have more Energy naturally.

Whilst we are advocates of a good balanced diet, the global depletion of soils, and the widespread use of fertilizers means you can no longer get all the Nutrients your body needs, from your food alone.

Support your diet and exercise regimes with a quality Thyroid Support Supplement daily


✅THYROID SUPPLEMENTS FOR WOMEN a herbal thyroid support system to boost thyroid gland output. Improves energy and concentration as natural hormone outputs fall. A healthy weight loss pill for Women and Men with low Thyroid output
✅BE YOUR OLD SELF AGAIN Enjoy better sleep, wake more energized and have a more productive, enjoyable day with our easy to swallow (size 00) Veggie Thyroid capsules
✅FEWER HEADACHES Unlike other Advanced Thyroid Supplements, we don’t use L-Tyrosine as it is known to cause headaches and nausea as side effects
✅SATISFACTION GUARANTEED No questions asked 100% money back guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied