Real 30 Day Keto Starter Bundle Kit -Caffeinated- Exogenous Ketone BHB Packets, BHB Pills, Multivitamins, 15 Urine Test Strips and 3 Energy Shots by Real Ketones™

Price: $199.99
(as of Jul 27,2020 12:16:17 UTC – Details)

Real Ketones – Real 30 Thirty Day Keto starter kit includes everything you need to quickly and safely get your body into a ketogenic state to rapidly realize the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle. The caffeinated version of the Real 30 kit includes supplements that also provide natural caffiene for that added energy boost to get through your day with max energy!

COMPLETE BUNDLE OF VALUE: The Real 30 Bundle offers a complete lineup of Real Ketone’s clinically-proven, multi-patented products, including a 30-day supply of BHB Peach Caffeinated, BHB Orange, D-BHB Capsules, Keto Essentials, 3 Keto Energy Shots, 15 Test Strips and a Shaker Bottle for your favorite keto drinks. And with access to daily guidance, weekly personalized coaching, a community page, and the Real Ketones App, you’ll have everything you need to succeed on your keto challenge journey
CLINICALLY PROVEN, MULTI-PATENTED FORMULA: The Real 30 Bundle contains products with our clinically proven, multi patented D-BHB quad electrolyte formula. Designed to be twice as effective as competitor products, this powerful ketone formula helps your body burn fat for fuel, while supporting mental focus, energy levels, mood, appetite regulation and more! It’s the most powerful and longest-lasting keto supplement ever made.
DAILY REGIMEN TO SUCCESS: The Real 30 Bundle makes it easy to achieve your health goals. The simple daily keto regimen begins with BHB Peach Caffeinated and Keto Essentials in the morning, a sensible low-carb lunch, BHB Orange and Keto essentials in the afternoon, and a sensible low-carb dinner. It’s really that simple. Plus, we offer all the support and service to help you along the way on this keto challenge journey
BEST TASTING & QUALITY INGREDIENTS GUARANTEED: Real Ketones products taste great and are formulated with key nutritional ingredients not found in other ketone supplements! Our pure exogenous ketones combine 4 balanced electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and a proprietary Bio-Enzymatic blend, to ensure the most balanced ketosis experience. Just a single dose of D-BHB formula provides over 10g of our enhanced ketones, for a fast, effective on-the-go solution!