Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub Wash With Exfoliate For Soft, Healthy Skin, Massaging For Sore Muscles & Skin Imperfection 12 oz

Price: $13.95
(as of Jul 11,2020 18:05:13 UTC – Details)

HELP YOUR MUSCLES RECOVER: Are your muscles injured and sore? Do you suffer from painful cramps? Then, there’s no a better solution that a relaxing massage with the Himalayan scrub. The minerals of the pink salt will help your muscles recover and the deep massage will release the tension of your stiff muscles. You’ll feel like a new person!
AN ALL-NATURAL BODY SCRUB: Your skin is more sensitive that you think, that’s why you need to use only natural products. The White Naturals Himalayan scrub is a pure, all-natural body scrub, so it is free of hazardous chemicals and harmful additives. You can use the exfoliating scrub daily and benefit from the nourishing pink salt, oils, and vitamins.
SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR ACNE: Did you know that the Himalayan pink salt has the ability to balance your skin’s pH? That’s right! That’s why this Himalayan salt is the best way to treat your acne, since it will detoxify your skin and unclog your pores.The White Naturals salt scrub will never fail to improve acne and the appearance of your skin.
A WEAPON AGAINST CELLULITE: Get a bit of the Himalayan salt scrub on your fingers and start massaging the areas where you have cellulite slowly and deeply,with circular and upward movements. The increased blood circulation and collagen production will make those dimples disappear and the firmness of your skin reappear.It’s possible.