Monk Fruit in the Raw New Keto-Friendly Monk Fruit In The Raw, 40 Packets

Price: $6.95
(as of Jul 16,2020 19:25:13 UTC – Details)

New product — now officially Keto certified! Monk Fruit In The Raw sweetener is a delicious, zero-calorie sweetener made with the extract from the vine-ripened Luo Han Goo fruit native to Asia. This sweetener is Kosher certified, vegan certified, and naturally gluten-free making it the perfect substitute to sugar for the health conscious consumer. This bakers bag is ideal for bakers and cooks as it has been formulated to measure cup-for-cup for sugar so no conversions are necessary. This lightly sweet sugar substitute can be used by anyone looking to start a healthier lifestyle by reducing calories and sugar In their diet. Best known for the iconic little brown sugar packets, the in the Raw brand is trusted by families to bring great-tasting sweeteners with high-quality ingredients to your food and drinks. Whether you’re baking a torte or stirring up a pitcher of strawberry Lemonade, the in the Raw wholesome family of sweeteners makes it easy to sweeten your favorite recipes.

Perfect for anyone looking to start a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste
Sweeten any meal or drink with this zero calorie Sweetener
Officially Keto Certified; Vegan and Kosher certified
Made from natural luo Han Goo fruit native to Asia