MCTBar Cocoa Keto Protein Bar | 0g Added Sugar, 2-3g Net Carbs, 10g Protein, 7g Fiber | Grass Fed Collagen (24 Pack)

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Product Description

MCT bar natural ingredientsMCT bar natural ingredients

After observing countless peers and family members being crippled by obesity, heart failure, and unhealthy lifestyles, I decided to dedicate my life to educating myself on proper nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, and, in 2007, following the ketogenic diet. But just changing my lifestyle wasn’t enough—we wanted to make a healthy impact on our community too. So we started MCTco.

MCTco was born with a passion for making health accessible, easy, and above all, taste good. We’re excited to be here and to make an impact. We know that change happens one step at a time and one bar at a time. Let’s make change transpire together!

—Joe, Co-Founder & CEO

low sugar protein barlow sugar protein bar


Our Mission

We celebrate positive transformations through healthy, adventurous lifestyles. We call this Making Change Transpire. That means making one small positive change for your body, your day, and eventually, your life.

Our Promise

You shouldn’t have to compromise on health, taste, or convenience. MCTco only makes products we use ourselves—made from high quality ingredients that taste good, keep you energized, and fit into your lifestyle.


Low Sugar/No added sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweetener

10g collagen protein

Low Carb – 2g net carbs, Keto-friendly

Made with MCT Oil

Prebiotic chicory root fiber

Naturally Sweetened with Monk Fruit

Our Values



cocoa bar low sugar

cocoa bar low sugar

caramel sea salt

caramel sea salt

Positive Energy

Packed with 10g collagen protein & MCTs to power up your day, improve your focus, and give you cognitive support.

All-Natural Superfood

Our 100% keto, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients support glowing skin, flexible joints, and strong hair, nails, and bones.

Deliciously Convenient

On-the-go goodness any time of day. Naturally sweet without any added sugar, so it tastes like dessert — without the guilt.

no sugar alcohol gluten freeno sugar alcohol gluten free

Our Flavors

Cocoa bar made with almonds

Cocoa bar made with almonds

tasty keto bar caramel sea salt

tasty keto bar caramel sea salt

cookie dough bar keto friendly

cookie dough bar keto friendly


Our bars are packed with powerful protein. They have 10g collagen protein supports glowing skin, flexible joints, and strong hair, nails, and bones.

Caramel Sea Salt

No Added Sugar? Sweet. Monk-fruit-infused nutrition with no added sugar, no junk, and no fillers means you can enjoy sweet taste without the empty calories.

Cookie Dough

Made with MCT the coconut-based fatty acid (the good kind!) helps improve memory, cognition, and clarity, while speeding up your metabolism.

KETO SUPERFOOD DESSERT BAR: MCTbars combine 10g collagen protein, 7g fiber, healthy MCT fats, and superfoods to create the best tasting low carb, low sugar protein bar available. MCTbars contain only 2g of sugar, 2-3 net carbs, and are completely gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, palm oil free and non-GMO. We tested for several years to create the cleanest possible fuel for your body and mind while maintaining excellent macros and amazing taste.
BRAIN BOOSTING CLEAN ENERGY BAR: This power-packed snack was designed to satisfy your cravings, feed your brain, and fuel your body. Theyre perfect for weight loss, a fitness journey, or healthy living quests. MCTbars are packed with superfood ingredients like 100% grass fed collagen protein for glowing skin,prebiotic chicory fiber for gut health, organic MCT oil for energy boosts, and cacao, almond butter, and naturally sweetened monk fruit for antioxidants.
NO ADDED SUGAR OR SUGAR ALCOHOLS: We’ve created the cleanest, best tasting keto snack with real ingredients you can pronounce. We didn’t take shortcuts with MCTbars. Theyre Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and contain no palm oil, sugar alcohols, or refined carbs that lead to blood sugar spikes, loss of ketosis, headaches, stomach pains, cramps, bloating and fatigue. Skip the junk and feel good about snacking.
SILKY SMOOTH TRUFFLE TEXTURE: MCTbars are delicious, melt-in-your-mouth superfood energy bars that satisfy your sweet tooth, fuel your metabolism, and supercharge your gut with healthy fiber. They are the perfect, anytime healthy snack eat MCTbars for breakfast, for an afternoon pick-me-up, before or after your workout, for dessert, or as a meal replacement. There really is no bad time to break out an MCTbar and give your body the clean fuel it wants.