LOOENJ Smart Hula Hoop – Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Equipment – 28 Detachable Knots Hoola Hoop for Adults – Premium Durable ABS – Adjustable Waist Size with Soft Weighted Ball

LOOENJ Smart Hula Hoop – Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Equipment – 28 Detachable Knots Hoola Hoop for Adults – Premium Durable ABS – Adjustable Waist Size with Soft Weighted Ball

weight loss hula hoop plus size
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Product Description

LOOENJ focuses on providing unique and affordable home workout equipment which is meant to make your life easier, without compromising on your comfort or health. We always work with premium grade materials and reliable manufacturers, in order to live up to your rigorous expectations. Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Our customer care department is entirely at your disposal and will address any issues or concerns!

Burn Calories and Sculpt Your Belly From The Comfort Of Your Home!

The LOOENJ smart hula hoop is definitely a must for anyone working towards a sculpted, well-defined abdomen but is simply tired of those boring workout routines or heavy duty equipment! Featuring an adjustable waist size with 28 detachable knots, numerous massage points that stimulate blood circulation and provide a comforting, relaxing feeling, plus a weighted gravity ball that maximizes results, these hula hoops for adults are incredibly practical and travel friendly, allowing you to enjoy a complete abdominal workout from home, in the hotel room, while traveling, outdoors or even for a few minutes at the office!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

· 28 detachable knots;

· Adjustable waist size up to 175cm/68.9 inches;

· Material: ABS resin;

· Compact and portable design;

· Promotes fat burning and abdominal sculpting;

· Gentle and painless abdominal massage;

· Easy installation;

· Ideal for beginners, intermediates, all fitness levels;

· Gravity ball;

· Original gift idea for friends, loved ones.

You’ll fall in love instantly with this premium quality smart weighted hula hoop!

ABS resin material smart hula fitness hoop

ABS resin material smart hula fitness hoop

weighted loss abdomen exercise more comfortable

weighted loss abdomen exercise more comfortable

the whole family abdomen exercise tools

the whole family abdomen exercise tools

Made To Last Smart Hula Hoop

The LOOENJ smart hoop is designed having in mind your comfort and safety, being made with highest quality skin-friendly materials. With a superior ABS resin body, smooth and burr-free, plus convenient smooth sliding spinning ball, this hula hoop will definitely last your intense workout routines, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience!

360-Degree Massage Wave Bumps

This weighted hoop features 360-degree surrounding massage points which work together to activate fat cells, enhance fat burning and promote optimal blood circulation, maximizing results in a painless and safe way. An excellent solution for sculpting and toning your abs without the hassle of heavy machines or gyms!

Versatile and Adaptable

Say goodbye to inconvenient and uncomfortable hoops which don’t seem to fit your waistline! This hula hoop for adults has an adjustable size based on 28 detachable knots with a total adapting range of 175cm. A versatile fitness tool perfect for the entire family!

Other Notes

Before using the hoop, please pay attention to your surroundings and the swinging range of the spinning ball in order to avoid injury to yourself or others.
To avoid abdominal discomfort, make sure to use the hoop at least 1 hour before or after meals.
Children and elderly should not be left unsupervised when using the hoop.
Avoid adjusting the hoop too tightly around your abdomen, in order to eliminate potential discomfort.

The Perfect Solution: Looking for a way of getting rid of stubborn belly fat but you don’t always have the time to hit the gym on a regular basis? Tired of those same boring fitness routines which fail to properly engage your interest any longer? The LOOENJ hula hoops for adults are exactly what you need!
Sculpt and Tone: This home workout weighted hoola hoop engages your core muscles and strengthens the abdominal area for a highly effective routine and maximized results! With only 30 minutes per day, whether from the comfort of your own home, while traveling or even at the office, you’ll be able to sculpt your belly and finally get the body you’ve always wanted!
Adjustable Waist Size: Unlike similar products on the market, this weighted hula hoop plus size features an intelligent design based on 28 detachable knots with a total adapting range of 175cm/68.9 inches, being suitable for most waist sizes!
Premium Grade Construction: The LOOENJ weighted hula hoops for women are made with superior quality, highly durable ABS resin, a skin-friendly and safe material which is guaranteed to withstand the test of intensive use!
Gentle Massage: Featuring a 360-degree shock absorbing design with numerous massage points, this smart weighted hula hoop promotes excellent circulation and gently massages your abdomen, helping relieve stress and relaxing your body and mind!