Isavera Man Boobs ‘Fat Freezing’ Vest | Chest Shaper for Men | Comfortable & Breathable Compression Vest | Pecs Shaper Support

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Product Description

sculpt and tone your chestsculpt and tone your chest

Weight gain, genetics, and age can cause embarrassing cases of chest fat, also known as ‘man boobs’. Although male chest fat is most often simply excess body fat in the upper chest region, it can cause significant harm to a man’s self-image.

Why is this product for you?

Our breast compression shirt / vest has helped many reduce the appearance of embarrassing fat that develops around the pecs. Using our custom formulated gel, the vest reaches ideal temperatures intended to lessen the appearance of the area – with no harm to the skin or surrounding tissue. The vest is comfortable and easy to wear, making a man’s journey to a great chest exponentially easier.

The amazing features of this product:

The Isavera shirt / vest is a must-have accessory in your fight with male breast tissue
Easy to wear: comfortable, adaptable design for all body types
Special dual-action gel packs wick heat from area to help maintain cold temperatures
Anti-slip inner lining and double stitching for added durability
· Designed to help target the appearance of upper and lower chest, nipple and side fat

Get the body you want with our remarkable chest compression wrap today.

* Our product does not target traditional glandular male breast gynecomastia. Its main objective is target the appearance of fat in the chest area.

* Our products are not weight loss products. To effectively lose weight, one must adhere to a calorie-controlled diet and/or exercise program. Results vary from person to person.

mosser anawait dr health weight testosterone breastmosser anawait dr health weight testosterone breast

The Isavera ChestSculptor in 4 Simple Steps

gel packs chest fat

gel packs chest fat

apply vest to chest

apply vest to chest

weeks fast fat freeze slim train fitness skinny

weeks fast fat freeze slim train fitness skinny

reduction in chest fat breast

reduction in chest fat breast

Freeze ‘Fat Freezing’ Gel Packs

Freeze gel packs in freezer. Once frozen, insert gel packs into vest’s pockets.

Place Vest on Shoulders + Tighten Straps

Put the vest on. Use the side and shoulder straps to adhere tightly.

Begin ‘Fat Freezing’ Process

Wear 60 minutes per day, three times per week. Wear for 10-12 weeks. Some individuals see first changes at 3 weeks.

Enjoy Visible Changes

Gently lotion + massage area after every application. Full changes can be seen in 3 months.

The Isavera ChestSculptor System Includes

fat freeze kit vest

fat freeze kit vest

fat freezer caliper sculpt bra fat blue waist trainer trimmer fat freeze kit toning weight reduction

fat freezer caliper sculpt bra fat blue waist trainer trimmer fat freeze kit toning weight reduction

massage cellulite stomach cells belt coolsculpting freezing sculpting toning

massage cellulite stomach cells belt coolsculpting freezing sculpting toning

chest sculpting booklet

chest sculpting booklet

‘Fat Freezing’ Vest and 2 Dual-Action Gel Packs

Our neoprene vest includes dual pockets for optimal ‘fat freezing’ temperature adaptation. Patent-pending reusable dual-action gel packs help wick and maintain temperatures at target areas.

Body Fat Caliper and Measuring Tape

Use our body fat caliper and measuring tape to track your ‘fat freezing’ progress. Includes instructions on how to use both tools to make your journey as simple as possible.

Handheld Massage Tool

Massaging the fatty area post-application may help speed up your success. We recommend a simple 2-3 minute massage using lotion after each session.

Online Instructions Booklet and Progress Log

Although our system is simple, our online area explains the entire process in detail. Includes simple instructions, free fitness ebooks, printable progress log, prompt customer support and more.

freeze fat coolsculptingfreeze fat coolsculpting

For Arms

For Legs

For Abdomen & Back Fat

Downloadable Instruction Guide

Body Fat Caliper and Tape

Rolling Massager

Ideal for Arms

Ideal for Legs

Ideal for Abdomen

Ideal for Male Chest Fat

EASY-TO-USE SYSTEM: Our male breast fat freezing vest uses special dual-action gel packs that reach temperatures intended to help achieve your desire: see changes in your chest area – all without harming your skin. The nylon inner pocket and velour outer pocket make our pec shaper easy and convenient to wear at home while you do your everyday routines. Fully adjustable, one size fits all.
TARGET STUBBORN AREAS: With consistent use, our male ‘chest sculpting’ vest is designed to help you lessen the appearance of fat that may be holding you back. What’s keeping you from removing your shirt when you’re at the beach or by the pool. Isn’t it time to take control and try to get the look you’ve always wanted?
FITS YOUR SCHEDULE: One of the best things about our compression shirt is that you can wear it when it best suits your schedule in the privacy of your home. Our man boob vest is an attractive option if you are serious about taking simple, practical steps that may help you look and feel like a brand new you.
90-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We believe in the quality of our male chest chest sculpting band / vest, which is why we’ve backed it with a lifetime warranty. Plus, if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll give you a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. No questions asked. Try the ChestSculptor today – a fat loss alternative that helps target flab in a whole new way.