ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream, Soft Moist Gel Type Moisturizing Facial Cream, 63.4% Super Collagen Water & Bobab Water Makes Skin Plumpy with Long Lasting Moist, 2.53 Fl Oz

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Product Description

Contains 63.4% Super Collagen water, which is easily and softly absorbed into your skin
This long-lasting moisturizing cream contains 63.4% small Super Collagen water particles to supply abundant moisture and to create a gelatinous-looking skin.

Watery gel texture to enhance adherence and absorption.
The watery gel texture helps the cream to softly adhere and be absorbed into the skin for rapid delivery of moisture. It also provides a hydrating effect, without feely sticky for long hours, and makes your skin moisturized and healthy.

Moistfull Collagen Cream 75ml

This long-lasting moisturizing cream contains 63.4% Super Collagen water supplies moisture for long hours


Plump And Moist Jelly Texture Skin With These 3 Ingredients!

New Aqua Stream Complex

New developed ingredient that supplies Super collagen water by moisture-structure that gushes moisture like natural water fall.

Super Collagen Water

Reduce the sizes of collagen particle in pieces as possible as our technology can by enzyme treatment process.

Baobab Oil

Baobab tree lives in desert and it contains maximum 120,000L water. That’s why we call baobab tree, “Water Storage”.


Eye cream ▶ Cream

At the last step of basic skin care routine,
apply an appropriate amount and gently massage, starting from the center and working upwards and outwards. Lightly pat the remaining essence for further absorption.

120 hours of Super Collagen water effect with proven experimental data
Improvement on skin layers with outstanding hydrating level seen within 5 days
Skin gloss lasts 12 hours after application
* Tested by IC Korea with 23 persons of 20~25’s


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