Dr. Sebi Treatment and Cures Book: The Ultimate Alkaline Diet Cookbook. 500+ Recipes to Rebalance the Acidity Level in Your Body, Prevent Diseases, and Guide You to Mental and Physical Wellness

Dr. Sebi Treatment and Cures Book: The Ultimate Alkaline Diet Cookbook. 500+ Recipes to Rebalance the Acidity Level in Your Body, Prevent Diseases, and Guide You to Mental and Physical Wellness
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✓ Are you looking for a solution to cope with physical and chronic diseases without the harmful effects of modern medicine?

✓ Do you believe that it is important to take care of our body and mind so that we can live longer and happier lives?

✓ Have you wasted time and money with strange "miracle" medicines that in the end proved to be ineffective?

If the answer is YES then what you need to do is to immediately start a diet based on alkaline dishes and foods!

That’s why Dr. Sebi has created a revolutionary new alkaline diet to optimize your health so you can fight and prevent up to 87% of diseases such as osteoporosis, chronic kidney disease and many others.

Dr. Sebi has held various vital roles in health care, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the healing properties of food.

This means that by following his recipes outlined in this book, you will benefit tremendously.

Not only you will feel better, but Dr. Sebi’s Diet can also help you lose weight if that’s one of your goals.

You may be wondering how Dr. Sebi’s Diet differs from other vegetarian and low carb diets?

As you know, many diets just say to eat or ban the consumption of certain foods without rules or some kind of logic. Dr. Sebi’s Protocol, on the other hand, is a true "nutritional guide" to achieve physical and mental well-being. It is much more than just a diet: it is a lifestyle!

That’s why I have collected in this cookbook the 530 most decisive recipes according to Dr. Sebi’s study.

That’s right.

Years and years of research and studies are all collected in one cookbook!

With this collection of recipes you can:

  • Follow Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Diet and improve your overall health through the foods you eat
  • Enjoy plant-based recipes and delicious meals of fruits, vegetables, and legumes
  • Increase your energy levels so you don’t feel tired mid-afternoon and become more productive throughout the day
  • Detoxify: cleanse your body from all toxins
  • Experience weight loss, a wonderful side effect of following the alkaline diet and eating healthier foods
  • Prevent dangerous diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases and many others by boosting your immune system
  • Adopt lifelong healthy habits that will completely transform your body and improve your health to help you live longer
  • And so much more!

Also inside you will find recipes for:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Side meals
  • Soups
  • Snacks amd Bread
  • Salad
  • Desserts
  • Appetizers
  • Cleansing Smoothies
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • And other Dr. Sebi diet recipes

What you’ll need to do is simply stick to this collection of recipes and get off to a great start toward the single goal of achieving maximum physical and mental wellness!

Even if you’ve never heard of alkaline foods and you’re afraid that it’s a difficult path to take, don’t worry…

Thanks to the recipes collected in the book and their extreme ease and low preparation time you can immediately start this healthy path and see the results on your body.

Start taking control of your health and taking care of your body.

You will enjoy the greatest benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Millions of Americans have already started… ✓

Give yourself a great gift, perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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