Colon Cleansing Supplement for a Flat Belly | Core Cleanse | Natural Colon Cleanser for Detox & Weight Loss – Eliminate Gas & Bloating and Aid Digestion – Lose Weight Naturally & Fast – Effective at Home Cleansing Pill for Digestive Support

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Core Cleanse is an herbal colon cleanser engineered to improve digestive health & boost your weight loss efforts. Its safe & natural formula helps you flush away extra pounds, reduce bloated feelings & relieve gas.
But it is more than just a simple colon cleanser. Core Cleanse is a comprehensive herbal blend of antioxidants, fat burners & other powerful nutrients all working together to help you achieve optimal digestive health:
Magnesium Oxide : a short-term laxative , also used for sour stomach , indigestion & heartburn relief
Senna : a gentle natural laxative that removes toxins & waste products , also is known to reduce appetite & prevent overeating
Licorice Root : alleviates digestive discomfort & reduces inflammation
Buckthorn : the bark of the buckthorn tree is rich in anthraquinone, another gentle yet effective herbal laxative
Cascara Sagrada : a variety of buckthorn used by Native Americans for thousands of years as a stimulant laxative. In addition to removing digestive wastes from the colon, Cascara Sagrada also helps the intestines absorb water as they digest food
Rhubarb : helps to cleanse the colon and eliminate digestive waste and toxinsThe combination of these ingredients effectively help you detoxify , reduce digestive waste , maximize nutrient absorption , & lose weight. Try Core Cleanse now & see the difference for yourself!
GET A FLAT STOMACH – say goodbye to bloat gas & water weight & kick the frustration of trying to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans
SHED BELLY FAT – a safe & effective way to quickly lose those stubborn last few pounds you just can’t seem to shake
INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS – replace fatigue , heaviness & lethargy with energy , excitement & motivation
NATURAL GENTLE FORMULA – ditch the abrasive detox program & risky synthetic diet pills ; be good to your body & go the natural route with Core Cleanse