Beat Your Weight Beat Your Fat: How To Lose Our Weight with Weight Loss Mastery (Body & Soul Series, Book 2)

Beat Your Weight Beat Your Fat: How To Lose Our Weight with Weight Loss Mastery (Body & Soul Series, Book 2) 1
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Beat Your Weight Beat Your Fat: How To Lose Our Weight with Weight Loss Mastery (Body & Soul Series, Book 2) 2

Lately it seems that the dieting world has been split into camps, with each camp often restricting a certain food group from their diet believing that the particular group is the cause of their fat problems. Whether this be the Ketogenic diet, the Plant-based diet, the Paleo diet, the Zone diet, the Alkaline diet, or any of what seems like a hundred other diets, each restricts something due to some argument against some food group. The practical result of this entire food group restriction is a calorie deficit, and any diet that allows us to enter a calorie deficit will result in fat loss.

There are so many weight loss books, diets, and plans now that disguise this fact, inventing new ways to wrap this basic fact up in a disguise in order to sell us something that looks shiny and new. But very little is new. It’s simply food group restriction (which results in a calorie restriction), and this commonality between diets of restricting food groups works for losing fat, but there’s a problem. And that problem is that the restricted food group can often be something that we like. So, sometime later, either after we achieve our chosen weight or when we’ve got tired of the restriction, we start eating the food group again. This, inevitably, results in us relapsing on our goals, gaining back fat and becoming overweight and obese again because we never actually learned how to fix the problem in the first place. We then often enter the yo-yo dieting phase where we go from one diet to the next in the hope that this one be the golden chalice and have the keys to the kingdom. Sadly, many of us end up stuck, confused, even resigned, only just managing the will to jump on the next hype train that tells us that losing fat can be easy.

Losing fat is never going to be easy though, nor is it going to be permanent if we keep jumping from one diet to the next due to not fully getting on-board with it. We don’t want to be doing stuff like this. We want to find a method that aligns with us, because finding a method that we like and can therefore stick to for good is how our fat problems remain fixed for good.

In Beat Your Weight you will learn:

  • The proper way to lose fat—not metabolisc rate abuse wrapped up in sophistry
  • How to forever remain healthy while you lose fat
  • How to lose fat without cutting food groups—weight loss without dieting
  • How to lose fat without counting calories or macros
  • How to lose fat with the least amount of anxiety or stress—make it as easy as possible on yourself psychologically
  • How to keep the fat off and not relapse—no more yo-yo dieting
  • And more

Stop trying to lose fat wrong—you could be damaging your body and setting yourself up for failure. And yes, it’s fat you want to lose, not weight. Weight could mean you’re losing lean mass too, which is a terrible idea, and is what happens when you follow the "rapid weight loss" approach (which is nothing but a disservice to you). Start doing this right. Get rid of the idea of looking for the best pills for weight loss (or any dietary supplement for weight loss for that matter), or the best weight loss diet. Lose weight by learning how to eat properly so you can keep the fat off, and keep it off for good. It’s time to get your weight loss motivation back one last time!

Beat Your Weight is a method of simplicity that doesn’t restrict food groups, and it certainly doesn’t advise caution towards food and that we should be scared of it. We want a healthy relationship with food after all. Beat Your Weight is a method that will keep you healthy, satiated, and not left wanting. No hyperbole, no claim of miracles and none of the fairy-tales. Just good food and a method that results in sustainble fat loss.


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